Architectural Metalwork 
Design & Detailing
  I have been working with architects, structural engineers and manufacturers long enough to understand, and excel in the three objectives of my role. 
The architect has a vision of what they require, the structural engineer has a specification of what is needed, the project has a strict budget. My job is to make the engineers spec, look like the architects vision, and bring all the elements together to produce a design that recreates the architects vision, while satisfying the engineers structural requirements and remain within budget. 
I take great pride creating the best designs possible that achieve all the above, and it is this critical design stage that could literally, make or break a project. 

I have extensive knowledge of UK building regulations and I am comfortable proposing designs that factor things like balustrade heights, handrail heights, stair step go, rise & angles etc, as well as general design considerations such as finger traps, fall prevention, etc.
Of course, not all projects require a team of structural engineers & architects, and I am equally happy designing & detailing projects direct to the client as a complete package. 
I use the latest Solidworks Professional 3D CAD modelling software to create highly detailed and accurate 3D models, which in turn create stunning photorealistic visualizations & more importantly, precise drawings for manufacturing.
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