Site Surveys
Though all elements of a project need to be correct to archive successful completion, the site survey is without doubt the most crucial part. If a plate is fitted wrong in the workshop, or a hole drilled in the wrong place, they can more often than not, be easily rectified. However, if for example a stair is measured wrong by say 100mm, then the overall height, step height and stringer angle will be wrong, not to mention the balustrade, glass etc. The whole project could very easily be scrapped along with your profit and good reputation. No pressure then!...
I only use quality instruments for site surveys such as my trusty Leica D5 (above), my DeWalt 3 x 360º green laser (right), a DeWalt dumpy level, along with a whole bag of oher tried and tested tools. My equipment has been carefully chosen, even down to a Fisher Space Pen & waterproof note pad to reliably make site notes & sketches in the cold and wet UK weather. As much as I love a gadget, it isn’t all laser beams, flashing lights & N.A.S.A tech, I also have a good old bobbin of string & plumb bob in my kit. 
Over the years I have developed my own methods for surveying projects. Several years ago I would survey stairs and sketch each flight and landing. This became a real issue when working on the high rise buildings in Manchester. Not only did this take a lot of time on site, but sometimes things were unclear or missing when back at the office, so I developed a table for data input, with pre drawn sketches that ensure you get all the information needed, efficiently, accurately and first time. 
I also use a phone app called Site Audit Pro which compiles photographs and notes to make a detailed site report. Before I leave site, the entire report will be sent to you in .pdf via email, and include information for things such as site access for deliveries, available parking, issues such as restricted access, scaffold,  available power on site etc. etc. 
While I may be attending site for the purpose of ensuring my model is accurate and your project fits as it should, I am also looking to the end of the project and making you aware of any relevant information to help the install go smoothly.​​​​​​
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